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Welcome to our web site; Find Villas Spain. We hope this site proves helpful in your search for "Your Home In Spain" that perfect villa in Spain, Town house, Spanish business or Spanish rental property.

We have decided to approach the buying, selling and renting of houses in Spain from a slightly different angle. You will not find  at any property show, at the airport, in the news papers, on the radio or on the TV. The cost of this advertising has proven far too expensive so we have taken the initiative and based our sales & marketing only on the internet. The savings we will make by doing this will be passed directly to you. The end result being much better for everyone. We only have one condition to you achieving the better price and that is to register with us before your visit. Register Now. The reason for registering now is firstly for our benefit, we want to know how you found us. The second and most important reason to Register Now is so as we can pass on the savings directly to you. If you just turn up at a site we will not be able to prove where you came from, so will not be able to offer the best price achieved through Find Villas Spain. Unfortunately we are not aloud to advertise the cheaper price of our “New Builds” on the web-site as this will upset the marketing side of Groupo Marjal. (Marjal International) Who are still using the age old process of shows and other expensive forms of advertising. That part of the company are expecting you to just turn up and they are putting all their money into getting you to do this. So cut out the waste and Register Now

What we at want to achieve for you is an excellent property for the right price. We know you do not want to pay more for your property to cover the huge expenses of the shows, or pay for all the people who are “just coming out for a look”. We will give you all the help we can so you will end up with that perfect property in Spain for the right price.

If you are based away from Spain and want to come and view our properties, we will obviously be offering you an inspection trip, but this trip will not be subsidised. You pay the correct price to come and look at the houses. You can book the flights or we can, you can book the hotel or we can, if you like the house and want to buy we will refund you the cost of your trip over, (what could be fairer than that?) This refund will be on top of the price we can achieve for you for one of our Marjal Houses.

I do not think anyone can complain at this, do you?

You will find attached to each property the opportunity to down load the PDF of the development. This again is a saving we can make to enable us to achieve the best price for the property you want to buy. As a customer of we are looking at all opportunities to save us money, thus save you money. There is, as we all know, no such thing as a free lunch! We as a company will not be posting out glossy brochures, unwanted information or price lists that are difficult to understand. It will all be there in Black and White (may be a bit of colour to:o) for you to print off or look at on screen. Once we meet with you on site you will receive the information in person so no point in printing it. 

Sorry but our only stipulation for achieving the best price through “Find Villas Spain” is that you are not already registered with Marjal International. Existing clients of “Find Villas Spain” are eligible for the “Best Price”

We all understand the changing market in Spain at the moment, we know there are a good selection of houses available as “Re-Sales” that is why we have incorporated Re-Sales in our port-folio we have also welcomed on board Jo Petchey and what she doesn’t know about re-sales isn’t worth knowing. With us you will have the opportunity of viewing these re-sales in the same visit as looking at our developers properties. You will be able to look at the section on re-sales to see the difference in buying new to second hand, but either way you will come away with the property of your dreams.

We at find villas Spain do not intend to just sell you a property in Spain, what we want to do is provide you with “Your Home In Spain”.

Have a good look through our property listings, we obviously can not have all our properties listed as they change from day to day but if you have a specific property in mind drop us an email via our “Contact Us” page and we will come back to you with any recent properties not yet listed that suit your requirements.

Have fun looking but don’t forget we are there to help.

Kind Regards

Andrew Baylis
Director Find Villas Spain